We are passionate about helping like-minded individuals to achieve success in life and business by giving them tools, training, resources and a community to set up their online business and live their best lives.

We're Sara & Ben,


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We are a dynamic couple, travel addicts and online marketers/entrepreneurs passionate about inspiring others to achieve success and live their best lives.

We have been together since 1999 and happily married for 10 years now. We have two beautiful children together: Noah is 8 and Isabel is 5 years old. Our story with SFM began with us searching for more meaning in our lives. Both of us were working in companies where we trade our time for money and did the work that we weren’t passionate about. Beside this we were missing the crucial years of our children growing up and we had a huge desire to change our lives and spent more time with our family.

We both love to travel the world and we would like to take our kids to see and explore this beautiful planet.

Starting our online business, yes, it required a lot of work, there were times we doubted ourselves and thinking: ‘maybe, it’s easier to just stick to what we already know’. But a desire within us kept us to push forward to make sure that every day we became a little bit closer to our dreams than we were the day before.

Gradually we went from not knowing how anything worked in an online business to running it with ease, by constantly developing ourselves and our skills. This journey has given us the passion to see a real and lasting change in other people’s lives by helping them realize their created value, and the power they have to change their lives.


The Founders

Sara Eising

Sara is a people person, she likes to help and coach others to achieve success in their lives. One of Sara's greatest strengths is a broad interest in people.  She cares deeply for people and finds it her greatest privilege to walk alongside others and cultivate the potential within them.

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Ben Eising

Ben is a connector, he likes to connect the right people to each other so they can add value and excel. People describe Ben as a good listener. With a background as an projectcoördinator in the contracting business he developed great organization, planning and connecting skills.



Our mission is to inspire people to make the changes needed to create a lifestyle they desire  full of freedom and abundance…Helping people reaching their highest potential and achieving success is what truly gives us purpose and joy.



To see millions of people around the world come to understand their true purpose in life become empowered to choose that path of freedom and reach their highest potential with a quality life balance of faith, relationships, finance and health.


Our step by step blueprint and systems makes it possible for you to build an automated online business using only your laptop and wifi. Allowing you to align your time with the things you truly value and create life on your own terms.


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